Denel Dynamic Bursary Internship Program

Either you need a bursary or internship opportunity, you can grab one of them through Denel Dynamics bursary internship program as Denel Dynamic offers both bursary and internship programs for suitable applicants. Nevertheless, the bursary is designed for qualified applicants who hold huge interest toward engineering, which requirements cover; (1) your aim to continue your study within BEng degree majoring in BEng Mechanical, Aeronautical, Computer, Electronic, Industrial and Mechatronic, (2) you should be registered at accredited SA University, (3) you hold SA citizenship, (4) you obtain minimum 60% average for recent academic year and make sure that pass all of the subjects, and (5) you receive no bursary in the exact year like this one.

Transnet Bursary

Successful bursars at Denel Dynamics, they have privilege to access computer allowance, allowance, free tuition, accommodations and also books. After the bursary, here are requirements for graduate who want to apply for Denel Dynamics internship program that include; (1) a citizenship of SA, (2) you have qualifications in Aeronautical, Electronic, Computer, BEng Mechanical, Mechatronic, and Industrial, (3) in the case that you have work experience, it should be no more than a-one-year experience, and (4) you can obtain minimum 60% average and has no records of failure for the subjects that you take. Are ready you to be part of Denel Dynamics bursary internship 2017, 2018 and 2019?

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The closing date for Denel Dynamics bursary internship is on August 15th, which means, the application should be submitted before the mentioned date. Speak of application for either bursary and internship opportunities from Denel Dynamics, you can apply them online by visiting the official website. Especially those applicants who apply for the internship, you will have a twelve month to learn about how to perform the real work, so then you deal with no hassles when entering the industry for the work-based training from the internship. Simply, you’ll have a solid foundation to aim your future career.

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