Capsicum Bursary Scholarship Oppotunity

Do you like cooking? Have a huge interest in culinary industry? Then, this is your chance to win a Capsicum bursary. By winning the bursary you can claim about R90 000 stipend to obtain thorough knowledge related to culinary industry through certain cooking academy. What do you think? Say that you attribute yourself as an ambitious chef, be sure to prove it through this opportunity. Nevertheless, what it takes to win a bursary from Capsicum? You need to win the cooking competition that is held by Capsicum, it is called as WataRecipe. Through this bursary, Capsicum shows its support for creative and aspiring chefs to show off their talent.

Anyway, this is way for you to join the competition. Capsicum bursary provokes potential chef to find creative and unique way to create a very distinctive recipe using watermelon as its main ingredient. There is not limitation on how the applicants should create this juicy and refreshing fruit. Not to mention, but it can be in form of salad, a part of certain dish, something like dessert and many others. To say it more simply, Capsicum challenges its applicants to break the boundaries about how to utilize watermelon as an ingredient of certain recipe. Once you’ve created and perfected your recipe, simply Click Here to fill in the form, then attach your recipe and a photo of yourself with your winning masterpiece, in order to enter.


Again, the recipe should be unique, more, it must be from your very own idea. Once you get some ideas to process watermelon as part of certain recipe you have on your mind, take the photograph of the watermelon in a form of delicious and unique dish and yours. Apply online, then self assure that you properly fill the form that is necessary for Capsicum bursary. Only those whose recipe win the competition will gain chance to be a part of this bursary opportunity. Speak for the competition, this one will be ended on December 15th 2015. Thus, if you intend to grab this bursary, you better find some unique idea to serve watermelon in different way.