Bursary Scholarship Programme From WC Government

WC government invites qualified applicants who aim degree or diploma within construction management, architecture, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, regional and town planning, and the last one quantity surveying to join bursary scholarship programme at WC government. Upfront, you should know even though the chance may be opened to any qualified applicants, but if you are female applicants from rural environment within South Africa or come from poor family who are registered at University of Stellenbosch, University of Cape Town or Cape Peninsula University of Technology that meet the requirements, then you have better chance compared to other applicants.

Government Bursary

Other thing, therefore you can apply for bursary scholarship programme from WC government, you should have South Africa citizenship and already become the students of one among previously mentioned Universities. The bursary scholarship that is offered is a work-back bursary, which means, you should agree to undergo public service within the period you take bursary. However, it is not the only thing, since you are obliged to; follow any learning events, workshops, and also meeting that is set within the programme, give contribution for either volunteer programme or service learning, and undergo academic vacation that is already decided.

Download Bursary Application Form.

Similar with any bursary scholarship programme, there will be the benefits to experience. Nevertheless, when it comes to bursary scholarship opportunity from WC government, it includes; accommodation and meals or transports costs, tuition fees, and materials and prescribed books. Ensure you download the application form before submitting the application. Speak of it, you can fax your application to 021 483  2615. Alternately, you can also send the application to, Masakh’iSizwe Bursary Programme/Department Of Transports And Public Works/Private Bag X9185/Cape Town – 8000, none later than its closing date on September 30th 2016. Depending on your performance, you can or can not renew the bursary.

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