Bursary Programme At Sasol Intake For 2017

It is not cheap for financing the higher education, more if you expect to enroll for the best one. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop the ideas about continuing your education simply because the fees. Guess what? As far as you posses brilliant mind, there is always be the way to continue your education without worrying too much about the tuition fees or the additional accommodation expenditure. Take bursary programme 2017 2018 and 2019 at Sasol for instance that is designed to assist talented students to aim for their dream through education.

Available Bursaries

Apart from being excellent, in the way to benefit Sasol bursary programme, you better know that this bursary opportunity is designed only for those talented students who have interest in B.Eng degree for accounting, chemistry, mechanical, chemical, geology metallurgy, electronic, electric, computer engineering, mining, and industrial. In fact, Sasol bursary opportunity is opened per year, however, the number of the bursary can be differed from year to year depending on the business’ demand. For the bursary, the applicant will be advantaged with as follow things; fees for both registration and tuition, allowance (to buy books and meals), pocket money, and accommodation.

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The interesting part about bursary programme at Sasol that makes you should put your priority to this bursary is, if you as the bursars show excellent performance during the programme and vacation work (if available), then you will be rewarded. It is not the only thing, any bursars with sound performance will have chance to work under Sasol after they finish their studies. Applying for the bursary, you can apply it now online. In addition, if there is something you want to know better related to the bursary opportunity, be sure to email your questions at Berlyner@quest.co.za or you can as well dial 086 010 6235 within office hours.