Bursary Programme at Mining Qualification Authority (MQA)

In the way to persuade students to have more interest to learn mining and its related disciplines, then MQA (the Mining Qualification Authority) invites students of 2016 academic year a financial assistance through bursary programme. Speak for the bursary, it will cover book allowances, accommodation, full tuition fee, and meals. Let it alone, by doing so, there is a huge hope than plenty of young and talented students give their interest to this core mining area. To grab your chance to win a MQA bursary, consider to aim field of studies as follows; mine survey, mining engineering, environmental management and health, geology, and metallurgical engineering (but focus only on extractive).

The fact is, those above are not the only areas which make you can apply for MQA bursary programme, in case you take these following such as; analytical chemistry, industrial engineering, jewelry manufacturing and design, chemical engineering (for mineral processing only), electrical engineering which focus on heavy current, mechanical engineering, and electro-mechanical engineering. Again, in order to broaden your chance for this bursary opportunity, you are obliged to match the minimum requirements of this bursary. As far as it is concerned, you need to provide academic record with excellent result alongside with a proof of financial needs.

Click here to download the application form

You need also to have special interest and knowledge relating to this field (mining and mineral) if you yearn for the bursary opportunity. Nevertheless, if you are women or you are suitable bursars that live with disability, the official will pay more attention for your application. To put it more simply, as far as you meet the qualifications for MQA bursary programme, then your chance will be higher. In addition, you have chance and obligate to the employment under mineral and mining sectors. But beforehand, you need to download and complete the application form to send it later on to the official. No closing date, but since the bursary is limited in number, you better send your application quick as flash.