Bursary Programme at Litha Healthcare Group

If you are a student with outstanding academic result and look for a bursary opportunity to finance your tertiary education, here’s a good news for you, since you have a chance to apply for a bursary programme that is designed for brilliant and talented young generation by Litha Healthcare Group. However to remind you, this bursary opportunity available only for those excellent students who are now aiming for a degree in Pharmacology Sciences, Medical or Biological. Too, this chance is limited as you will receive a good amount of course fees for both students of 2015 and 2016 academic year.

You need to know as well that Litha Healtcare Group only offers suitable student with a bursary programme, therefore, for students who expect something like internship opportunity or a practical experience for a degree that they’re aimed for, unfortunately such a thing is not existed, but outstanding school fees. Thence, considering this bursary opportunity to finance your tertiary education, here are some things you have to prepare, such as; a comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copy of identity document, a handwritten motivational letter, fee statement that you obtain from the academic institution where you’re enrolled, and current certified copy of academic result.

Apart from everything, ensure you have a well-written motivational letter, why? Not to mention, but for most cases, motivational letter has certain magnificent power to widen your chance for the bursary opportunity that you apply. Gather all of those necessary documents to be submitted online via queen.boikanyo@lithahealthcare.co.za by or before its closing date on November 13th 2015. Suppose that you do not find any correspondence or feedback related to bursary programme from Litha Healtcare Group on November 30th 2015, since the feedback limited only to the shortlisted applicants, you can assume that your application is considered as unsuccessful.