Bursary Programme at BBD

Are you a student who looking for a financial assistance for your tertiary education? The chance is yours, since there is a bursary programme designed by BBD for potential bursars that intend to register for a specified field of study in 2016 academic year that is required by BBD. Speak for it, you must be student who aim to grab B.Eng/BSc degrees in these following areas; computer science, software engineering, informatics, computer engineering and computer science. See the previous requirements, it implies that you should have passion in the world of building and creating software.

And yes, with those passion, BBD will assist you to finance your tertiary institution to support your skill in information technology related studies with its bursary programme. You know what the coverage of this bursary opportunity is quite unique, aside from monthly stipend (for food), accommodation, meals, prescribed book and tuition fees, there is a huge chance you will get a computer games. It sounds good, isn’t it? To grab your chance, here are some qualifications you should match; you have to be a citizen of SA, obtain average 65% for recent academic result, have huge interest in the world of IT or software development, and registered as 2016 academic year student at SA University.

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Other requirements, you have to prepare a single copy of curriculum vitae, certified copy of ID, and the last one is recent academic result. Once everything is prepared, simply send your application online. When applying for BBD bursary programme, do some recheck to ensure that is nothing wrong with your application. Let it alone a single mistake will make you lost your chance. The last yet not the least thing is about its closing date. Speak of a closing date for this bursary opportunity, it will be on December 15th 2015.