Brand Design Graduate Internship Learnership Program At ETiket

There is a great opportunity to join brand design graduate internship learnership at ETiket program for suitable applicants who recently graduated from recognized creative schools, universities of technology, or universities majoring in client service, art direction, copywriting, or design. Potential interns will have chance to spend eight month to expand their knowledge to enter the industry. In addition, they will get paid during the graduate internship. However, only those who meet the requirements who will gain the position. Thus, interest applicants should pay attention toward the mentioned requirements below.

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Speak of the requirements to join brand design graduate internship learnership at ETiket 2017, 2018 and 2019, suitable applicants should have; (1) related degree or diploma that is previously mentioned, (2) eagerness to experience an avant-garde environment, (3) passion to demonstrate creative communication and all of its aspect, (4) capability to work under pressure, as the graduate internship is not for applicants who love to spend their after lunch for napping or some, (4) knowledge to say happy birthday in various versions, and plenty more. Do you want to be a part of the graduate internship at ETiket? Aside from the requirements that should be met, there is another hing that you better prepare.

Brand design graduate internship learnership at ETiket program at ETiket requests potential interns to prepare their curriculum vitae and some other things to be submitted directly to, right before the deadline of the mentioned graduate internship on July 15th. If your application is successful, you will be invited to join panel interview. Keep in mind, even though the goal of the graduate internship to look for qualified applicants to fill the available position, however, if Etiket finds no one that meets their requirements they can leave the position empty. In short, there is no obligation for the official, which is ETiket to put anyone for the position, not to mention, they expect the best person to join them.

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