ASRI Future Leaders Fellowships Programme

If you love the idea about maintaining both integrity and good sense of justice to bring different for society (especially South African society), future ASRI leaders fellowship programme for 2016 at ASRI challenges you to become a part of it. You can assume from its name that this opportunity aims to produce talented and respected leader in civil society or government. Straight to the point, here comes the qualifications that should be met by any of its applicants. But first, you need to know that this program only for those below 30 years or 30 years old.

Available Bursaries

Another thing which is important as well, this future ASRI leaders fellowship programme is meant only for applicant with SA citizenship. If you are not, but expecting to join for the programe, then you not only need to have permission to live in SA, but also have intention to stay in a long time. Beside those, you better hold a degree for undergraduate slightly before this programme is started next year on February 2016. Not only those who posses under graduate degree are able to participate in this programme, this one invites both masters and honors students to take part for this opportunity. In addition, you have to register as Social Science students.

Apply Online for the Asri Future Leaders Programme

Apply then for future ASRI leaders fellowship programme online before it meets its closing date on December 11th . Being accepted to an opportunity that is designed by ASRI, ensure that you are fully prepared to join about six months to complete the programme. Nevertheless, the programme will be ran like this, you are obliged to follow the programe that is started from February to July of next year within few days a week from Monday till Thursday. For your information, this opportunity only for thirty successful applicants. For each month, you will be awarded with a monthly allowance for R5000.