Arup Bursary Programme for 2016

Are you a student who aims for a bursary opportunity? This is your chance to participate for Arup bursary. If you have no idea, Arup is a firm that offers professional services in engineering, planning, designing, technical specialist and various others. As it speaks, Arup for each year will invite ten excellent students who have interest in engineering industry. In addition to it, this bursary programme can be only reached by potential students who are registered in tertiary institution around Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Those who attempt to experience bursary opportunity by Arup, they must apply for specific field of study related to engineering. Funza Lushaka Bursary.

To be precised, you must be a suitable student that is already enrolled to this following area, such as; mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural. Keep in mind, that Arup bursary only accepts the applicants from those majors. If you can’t afford it, then this bursary programme is not for you. Another competencies you better match, you need to prepare your recent academic record, a proof of citizenship or residency, and any relevant qualification or degree. After you complete all of the requirements, you can apply for the bursary online.

Click here to apply online

However, Arup for its bursary programe doesn’t specified the closing date as a limiter for its suitable bursars. So, it is hard to tell whether the opportunity is still opened or already closed. Worry free, suppose you put your interest toward this bursary opportunity, simply ask its official by sending queries related to its bursary programme through, or else, another way you can take to dig more information about Arup bursary programme for 2016, just in case you expect for quick response, you can dial +27 11 218 7600 within their work hours. So, what are you waiting for? In most cases, the chance will be closed once they get their suitable applicants.