2016 Artisan Apprenticeship Program at Engen

Another way to improve your knowledge for certain major which you take, hence you can easily take your chance in employment opportunity is through apprenticeship program, let say that you look for one within Electrical, Fitting or Instrumentation, you may apply for artisan apprenticeship opportunity that is set by Engen, but first ensure that you are able to match some the least requirements, such as, N2 qualifications within Electrical, Instrumentation, or Fitting will benefit the applicants. Also, you better hold a Matric plus Science and pure Maths. The last one, be sure that you posses Code 8 of driver’s license.

Available Bursaries

Additional requirements which are also pivotal for artisan apprenticeship 2016 2017 and 2018 program that should be met by its potential applicants, it involves; have knowledge related to the process of basic refinery, a problem solver, a trouble shooter, capability to work in team, willingness to work both indoor and outdoor for any weather, good health, understand how to deal with emergency, and many others. Feeling like you have capability to deal with it? Beforehand, take a look for the duties and responsibilities you should do during the program. First, you need to apply the skills and knowledge that you have within the program.

Apply Online for the Engen Apprentice Progamme

Second, you have capability to undergo Trade Test Certificate during the artisan apprenticeship program in trade. Third, learn anything that you get during the training for your very own development, awareness for health safety and environment, and some others. If you have anything that is necessary to succeed the apprenticeship opportunity, the next thing you should do is apply for the program online no later than its closing date on January 15th 2016. For you to know the apprenticeship opportunity at Engen is located in Durban. In addition, if you hold qualification related to Trade knowledge and you also have bold communication skill for verbal and written, don’t skip this this very chance to apply for the apprenticeship opportunity.

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