Apply Shoprite Bursary Scholarship Programme for 2016

Do you have interest for these following areas; supply chain management/logistic, information technology, accounting (CA Stream), marketing, hospitality management/retail business, and pharmacy? Then you are allowed to apply for Shoprite bursary scholarship programme. However, you only are considered as a successful applicants once you passed the requirement of each category that you apply. To gain a bursary from chain management/logistic, you need to obtain; grade 12 with 70% average in the first semester, a bachelor of commerce (industrial engineering, logistic), a bachelor of science with about 60% average for operational research or pertinent area.

Meanwhile when it comes to information technology, the qualifications to apply this Shoprite bursary opportunity are; obtain average 70% with Grade 12 in first semester, and you hold a three year of relevant IT qualification in programming with 60% average or above. However, accounting (CA Stream) in case you want to apply for this, ensure you have; a grade 12 with 70% average in your first year or you attempt for BCompt/bachelor of accounting leads to CTA, grab 60% or above for a registered article course. For marketing bursary, apart from a 70% average and grade 12, you can apply for this bursary if you hold an 60% average or above in marketing (or relevant subject) when aiming for bachelors of commerce.

Apply Online for the Shoprite IT Bursary Opportunity

Apply Online for the Shoprite Logistics / Supply Chain Management Bursary Opportunity

Apply Online for the Shoprite Marketing Bursary Opportunity

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Apply Online for the Shoprite  Bursary Opportunity

Apply Online for the Shoprite Retail Business / Hospitality Management Bursary Opportunity

When it comes to hospitality management/retail business, you must hold a national diploma in hospitality management or retail business/any pertinent qualification with average 60% or above, or else a grade 12 with 70% average (completed in first year). Finally for those who expect to apply for pharmacy bursary, if you are not hold average 70% with grade 12, then you must obtain a bachelor in pharmacy with 60% average or above to meet the qualification of this Shoprite bursary opportunity. Send your application for chosen bursary online before its closing date on December 11th 2015.

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