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Attending to the next level of education world like tertiary, it cots you plenty and for certain level it could be very nerve wrecking. However, it is not necessary that way. In case, that you can’t afford to finance it yourself, then bursary like Anglo American bursaries is a great option, for instance. Even so, there are some things you need to know before applying for this bursary apart from the benefits that you may find. This bursary is meant for those students who learn in mining-related subjects such as;

  1. Engineering disciplines in mining sectors (mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, and etc).
  2. Mining
  3. Law
  4. Risk Management (Safety)
  5. Occupational health
  6. And other mining-related disciplines

As you may guess, enrolling to those field of studies are far from enough to be a bursar for Anglo American bursaries, you must be talented as well. To put it more simply, you gain top-rated for both academic or other campus activities. Another possibility would be if you ain’t grabbing top-rated academic score, at least you past the minimum requirements to apply for this bursary opportunity. Applying to this, you must be a student of South Africa university who are still spending your second or third year. Especially to this bursary opportunity, the application should be sent via online. In the way to apply, you need first to register. Once you did, simply complete your application properly. The advantage of online application, it can decrease or even dismiss the hassle compared to conventional application process. More, its fairness is quite tight.

Fortunately, each year Anglo American offers South Africa students with bursary programs. Nevertheless, the amount of bursaries each year can be varied. In particular, their Anglo American bursaries are depending on the needs of the business. Assume that you successfully become a bursar, then, what’s benefit you get? The fund that you get from the bursary will give you peace of mind when it comes to your education fee. The truth, bother yourself only to study and keep on track to your academic records. You need as well to become active and excel outside academic world. To decrease your tension, Anglo American bursary provides you with experts that really help you to conquer assignments from your university. They both will mentor and coach you to deal with university-related issues continuously within the program.

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Apply for Anglo American Bursaries

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In the end of the bursary program, there will be vacation work that is provided to all bursars. This vacation work is very helpful to assist their bursars to gain in-depth understanding toward practical side of what they’ve learned theoretically in class. Therefore, they will meet with no obstacle, or if it not so, when they meet with certain obstacle, they know how to deal with it Then, how about you? Consider Anglo American bursaries as your bridge to your bright future? If so, self assure to apply. One more, though you have all of the requirements like excel in academic and social life, say that you late to send your application, it will be considered as unsuccessful.

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