ANDM Bursary Application

ANDM bursary application is an external bursary for qualified students to assist them to continue their tertiary education for better future. Interested applicant, they can apply for the bursary opportunity only if; (1) you are staying under Alfred Nzo  jurisdiction, (2) you are around 16 to 35 years old, (3) you hold excellent academic record and in need of financial support, and (4) you are applying to field of studies chosen by the official of the bursary. Speak of field of studies, thus you have chance for the bursary application, you’ll find them below.

ANDM bursary application

You have chance for ANDM bursary application 2017, 2018 & 2019, if you intend to apply these follow disciplines; (1)BSc in computer science/information communication technology, (2) geographic information system, (3) environmental health management, (4) environmental management, (5) town & regional planning, and (6) BSc in water resource management, community water services & sanitation or any qualification that related to water & sanitation. Requested supporting documents are pivotal. In order to apply the bursary, you have to provide; (1) proof of resident that you get from ward councilor, (2) proof of your parent income, or you have to provide death of certificate if you don’t have parents.

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Other supporting documents to prepare includes, (3) motivation letter and grade 12 certificate or its recent result, (4) identified copy of ID, and (5) proof of admission from recognized tertiary institution that you prefer. ANDM bursary application should include application form your local municipalities, ANDM offices, and also ward councilor. A complete application should be delivered to, the acting senior manager corporate services/Alfred Nzo district municipality/ERF 1400/Ntsiswa Street/ private bag x511/ Mount Ayliff 4735, and it should be submitted before the closing date on January 13th. If you have something to ask, you can deliver it to, 039 254 5112/5026 (Ms A.N Zibobo/HR development section).

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