AfriSam Bursary Scholarship Programme

Aiming to open more chances for talented young generation to gain their educational dream, AfriSam offers AfriSam bursary opportunity for suitable bursars in need of financial assistance. To shorten your way, then ensure that you are listed undergraduate students from accredited SA higher institution. In addition, you need as well to be listed as, depending on the bursary that you apply, either first, second, or third year student of tertiary institution that takes one among as follow majors; Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Informatics and Computer Science.

As well, you need to ensure that you gain about average 65%for academic result or above. Be aware that AfriSam bursary is not only very detail toward group of potential student who can apply for their bursary opportunity, they also strict toward year of completion. When it come to this, similar with certain student who is allowed only to apply certain bursary programme, that thing is also distinctive. If you then, consider yourself as potential bursar for this bursary opportunity here are some others things you should prepare. As for this, they are; comprehensive letter of application, certified document for ID alongside with result academic result.

Ensure also you write a well-structured CV which you attach together with those above previously mentioned certified document. For some time, self assure that you write down anything right, too you need to ascertain that the entire documents which are needed for AfriSam bursary, you wrap it altogether properly. After that, send your application through Though, eligibility toward the needful criteria is obviously crucial, submit the application before its deadline, it plays a huge influence too. For something like bursary scholarship opportunity by AfriSam, then it will be on November 27th 2015, and be sure you won’t negligence about it, if you yearn for a chance to become one of the successful AfriSam bursars.