AdvTech Student Teacher Bursary Opportunity

Future teacher who want to complete their qualification in ease, they should consider student teacher bursary like one that is offered by AdvTech. AdvTech understands that to create excellent South Africa young generation, it’s started from the teachers. The bursary opportunity itself is designed for both third or fourth year students that pursue these follow qualifications; early childhood development, mathematics, foundation phase, African language first additional language, and also science. Good thing about this bursary opportunity, AdvTech provides both half-time and full-time bursaries for qualified students, and there are many other things below.

ZA Bursary

To support students to fulfill their qualification as teacher, student teacher bursary that is designed by AdvTech will provide successful bursars with; (1) full academic fees for about 100%, and it is based on the academic performance of each bursar, (2) AdvTech will offer either half time or full time bursary only for students from accredited higher institution, (3) there will be work-based training due to the completion if the chance is viable in AdvTech school division, and (4) there is a chance for the bursars to gain additional allowance in school activity, such as, you become a music coach, sport coach, and so on. Also, if there is a position for you, then you can directly work there.

Apply Online Advtech Bursary

For the benefits that are given through student teacher bursary at AdvTech, students with potential should not miss the chance. How to apply for the bursary? Before the closing date of the bursary on June 30th 2016, ensure that you apply online for the bursary. Bear in mind, though the bursary will be opened per year, that said, it is recommended for applicants to send that application earlier for better chance. Not to mention, but you are not the only one who expect for the bursary, so then, you better grab your chance while it is still available.