ABSA ReadytoWork Programme in South Africa

Indeed, theoretical education that you find from school is pivotal. But relying solely on it, not to mention, but it will be hard for you to adapt yourself to the real world of work as it is mostly about the application of the knowledge not something theoretical. Graduates, soon, will understand that there is a huge gap between what they get from class with the things that they face in the real time circumstance. That is why, after successfully throw this programme to some others countries, ABSA ReadytoWork plans to embraces more regions, thus any SA young generations can experience its benefits.

Bursaries For 2016

Those who aren’t familiar with ABSA ReadytoWork programme, read on. Actually, this a free training opportunity which mission is to train and improve skills or hidden talents that are possessed by its applicants to deal with employment opportunities. In precise, they will gain important knowledge to tackle down the obstacles that they will find in their transition period, from final year students, graduates, to a job seeker. If you ask about what the inside package of ReadytoWork training programme, it includes; world-class based learning content, skill that relates to enterpreneurial and money, work-based education and other knowledge that relates to skill developments to face the world of work.

ABSA ReadytoWork applies two different approaches for its learning method. First, they will provide online content for its applicant for easy access. Second, it offers direct training curriculum where students will gain a benefit to experience work based education as they are will be exposed with the real job environment. If you consider yourself as a personal that aims for good chance and challenge to improve yourself in the way to achieve your future career, ReadytoWork is looking for you to become a part of it. If you expect in-details information about this skill development opportunity, find it by accessing www.absa.co.za/readytowork.