A Skill Development Programme at Mercedes Benz

Identify yourself not only as automotive enthusiast, but also eager to know deeper about automotive, you have your chance. Mercedes Benz for its mission to support young generation to improve their skill in automotive industry designs a skill development programme which is located in East London. Those who expect to apply for a 2016 Mercedes Benz skill development opportunity, here comes the criteria you should meet; you have a SA citizenship and hold a Grade 12 for General Qualification or a Grade 12 with Mathematical Lit or Maths. Not only an individual who hold grade 12 on above areas can apply.

Electrical Engineering

If you have a (full) technical certificate in N3 for Electrical of Mechanical field, you are allowed to apply for skill development programme at Mercedes Benz. Capability to perform English perfectly in writing, speaking, and reading areas , those are also necessary. You have to undergo a medical assessment alongside with a multifarious (phases) assessment programme that is designed by its official. Basically, anyone can apply for the programme that is set to improve the skill of its applicants. As for it, this programme provokes people with disabilities that can afford the requirements to apply.

Apply Online for the Mercedes Benz Skills Development Programme. You can also submit your application via fax (012 660 7082). Still about the application things, be sure that you submit a short cover letter of yours to, The Human Resources Development Department/attention; the recruiter/ref: Skill Training Prog, altogether with certified copy of ID and other qualifications. Tag also your recent CV on it. The closing date of the skill development progamme will be on January 31st 2016. Thus, send your application before you reach the deadline. If you want to know the things that are included for the programme, they are; you will learn how to handle measuring equipment, power tools, hand tools and figure out how to deal with production system and many more.