A Bursary Definition And Other Information

If not all, then almost of you must be familiar with so called a bursary, however, just a tiny know about a bursary definition. Simply for those that’s confused about what a bursary is, then basically it is a financial award for students to support their study in tertiary institution. Some say that a bursary is different from a scholarship, since a bursary has its concern to help a student with disadvantaged background, whilst when it comes to a scholarship, it purpose is to support those students with sounding academic results.

Usually, there is nothing like the after bursary obligation or repaid for the bursary. Even so nowadays, the bursary definition and scholarship are interchangeable. Applying for bursary, then you need to know what kind of bursary category that is suitable for you. Nevertheless, here are some categories that commonly become a part of the bursary, they are; Teaching and Education, Sport Management, Computer Science, Accounting, Engineering, Medicine and plenty others. As the matter of fact, students are not the only one who take the benefits of a bursary (to access great chances for better education without thinking too much about the tuition fee and also better employment opportunity), but also for employees, though the purpose is different.

When it comes to a bursary for employees, it benefits their skills which lead to stable work and also for better performance when performing the work. Applying for the bursary, it means you need to know these following; have to complete the application that is contained about you, your future plan, and so on. As every bursary program has its expired date, make sure you send your application on time. Usually, you will be asked about how much money that you need per year, when you reach this point, be sure that you ask for the amount of money that you need only. Finally, those are some information together with the bursary definition for better understanding of a bursary.

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