4 Top-rated University in South Africa to Enroll

When it comes to Bursaries South Africa, undoubtedly, you’ll find many of selections of university to enroll. In that case, you may a bit confuse about the options as you expect only the best. Fear not, some information herein about university in South Africa will help you somehow to decide which one of them that suits to your expectation. Enrolling to university in South Africa you must be proud as South Africa has some lists which considered as top-rated universities. Beforehand, what’s make a university becomes top rank university? In general, based on BRIC methodology, eight factors are involved to determine that matter; academic reputation, ratio of faculty/student, employer reputation, per faculty papers, PhD staffs, international faculty, international students, and per paper citations.

University of Cape Town comes first. It is known as well as the oldest university in South Africa which is established since 1829. Again, University of Cape Town is considered as well as a public research institution. As can be expected a university which currently has 26,300 students that enrolled to this institution, this one appears frequently as top-rated university located in South Africa. Among many achievements, two of them are; its connection with world’s first hospital of heart transplant and Nobel Laureate that is achieved by five of its alma maters. As a whole, University of Cape Town gains number one position in South Africa, in the world it stays as 141st top rated university. In the same way, each of 23 subjects to enroll, they gain remarkable rank.

Second, it is University of Witwatersrand. The the third oldest university in South Africa, this one is located in Johannesburg. If University of Cape Town becomes the number one of best university you may find in South Africa, then, this one is number two. Whilst, for the world’s rank it stays at 318th . Known also as a multi-campus that you may find both in central and northern. Enrolled by 31,000 students, it has about 10 subjects that are recognized internationally such as Life Science and Medicine, Engineering, Natural Science and many more. Similar with University of Cape Town, this one applies impressive development studies in the world (it is 15th, while, University of Cape Town 7th in the world).

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Next, it is Stellenbosch University. Another public research university (after University of Cape Town and University of Witwatersrand), Stellenbosch University is a nest for about 28,000. For your information, this one becomes the third best university to enroll in South Africa, meanwhile in the world, it is 390th. When it comes to its subjects, it has about 10 of them, each gains international recognition; Life science and Medicine, Natural Science and many others. The last four university in South Africa that gives you with impressive educational system is University of Pretoria. It has total more than 45,000 students who enrolled that is split in some campuses. Anyway, do you have interest in veterinary school? Then, this is the only university that offers you that. Its world ranking is 471-480. Yet, for development studies it becomes top 100 world’s best.