2016 Trudon Bursary Programme and Its Requirements

Aiming to help students to solve financial barrier for education, Trudon, a SA company that commits to Employment Equity, offers young and talented students who are needy for financial support a Trudon bursary opportunity. This bursary opportunity, unfortunately, is not for first year students, but students in second or third year. Apart from becoming second and third year students, you need also to merit some requirements as a proof that you deserve to be awarded. Here are the requirements you should match; you are a citizen of SA and live permanently there, hold major academic average 60%, hold a grade 12, and you must be now the students of a certain University.

Applying for Trudon Bursary programme, your field of study must be; graphic design/digital media studies, publishing/multimedia/BIS information science, BSc computer science and informatics/mathematical science/information technology, and IT management/Bcom informatics. Note, this bursary opportunity is only for those who take previously mentioned major. In addition, this bursary put its preference for colored students (Indian or African descendant). The coverage of the bursary includes; book allowance, tuition and registration, and residence fees (if applicable). Apply yourself a bursary online before its closing date on October 31st 2015.

Available Bursaries for 2016

Apply Trudon Bursary

For those who are awarded by this bursary, once you graduated, you are obliged to work with Trudon for about twelve months. Also, you are not allowed on that time to accept work contract. As part of the bursary programme, there is in-service training, but it is not a part of this 12 months training. That’s all things about Trudon Bursary opportunity. Let it alone, if you consider yourself eligible for this bursary, ensure to apply. In addition, as there are some other obligations after you graduate, ensure you will not violate it. Further information, you can visit Trudon official page for bursary.