2016 Power Group Learnership Programme

Indeed, there are some ways for students to improve their knowledge toward what they’ve learned to ease them to enter the real world for achieving their preference career path. The competitive atmosphere makes students yearn so much to prepare themselves with necessary arsenal. Power Group learnership, you can say this is one from some ways you can take in the way to make yourself prepared to compete with other graduates. It is said that, a learnership programme allows successful applicants to access both theoretical and practical knowledge toward certain field of study. On the same words, students will get in-depth understanding about such discipline that they’ve learned back then.

Nevertheless, in order to get the benefit of a learnership programme like Power Group learnerhip, you are required to pass its requirements. Beforehand, Power Group offers learnership programme for these following field of studies, they are; Construction Supervision (NQF4), Construction Road Works (NQF3), Construction Management (NQF5), and the last yet not the least one is Construction Survey (NQF4). Again, applying to this learnerhsip opportunity you must gain about 60% average for Math and Science. That said, just in case you obtain higher percentage, the possible to be accepted as the learner of this learnership opportunity speaks the same way.

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For your information, there some other procedures which are applied as considerations materials to determine whether you are deserved or not to become the part of this learnership opportunity. Also, if your application is approved, you can’t decide what kind of learnership programme you join. Finish with all the preparation for the application, be sure to send your application for Power Group learnership programme within October till December via internet. Suppose that in 30 days ahead after you send your application you don’t get any respond from the official, it is said that your application is not successful.