2016 GDID Bursary Scholarship Programme

Who says that finance issue can obstruct a young and talented student to gain such an education that he/she wants? It is a bursary, a programme that has mission to assist students that in need of financial support so then they can continue their study without hassle. As for that reason, there is a GDID bursary. This bursary is designed to encourage both rare and critical skill sectors that you can meet inside a Core Business department. So, what it takes to apply a bursary programme like this? First thing’s first, you must be a students with excellence academic record. It is way better if your academic progress is already there inside the institution archives.

You need as well to prove that you are already accepted to the higher institution where you enrolled. Another thing to bear in mind when applying for GDID bursary, this bursary is only for those who aim for B-Tech or equivalent degree in; Construction, Engineering, and Finance. Good for you to know, this bursary will cover your expense from registration to tuition fees. Too, it covers also text books and equipment. In addition the award will be directly sent to the institution. Remember to tag along your detailed motivation through your bursary application.

The closing date of this bursary is on October 16th 2015, thus, an application that is sent to reception area/11 Diagonal Street/ ABSA Bank Building Johannesburg after that time will not be counted. Complete the application form of this bursary before you hand delivery your application. You can access the application form for GDID bursary through any GDID office near you or you can download it from www.gpg.did.gov.za. Ensure to attach; copies of certain documents like educational qualification, certificate of grade 12, and any other related documents that you think can widen up your chance. Have some questions? Feel free to ask it directly to Mr Matome August or Mr. Frank Sape by dialing 011 355 5000