2016 Cape Winelands District Municipality Bursary Scholarship Programme

Bursary/scholarship opportunity is one from some ways that students can take to finance their study. Nevertheless, this opportunity is not for every student. Only those with excellence performance for academic and social interaction who get the privilege. Good news, Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) offers Mayoral bursary fund for bursary/scholarship programme for young and talented CWDM students. Before applying for this bursary, pay close attention to these following things; first, the bursary only last for one year. If you expect to continue to be awarded from this bursary programme, you need to reapply.

Second, only those talented students who permanently reside in CWDM will be accepted for this bursary/scholarship programme. Third, you should fill up the application with your own handwriting. You need as well to hand delivery your application. But if you can’t, post it then. Fourth, email or fax are not allowed. Fifth, the closing date of this bursary/scholarship opportunity will be on October 30th 2015, thus, ensure that you send your application by or before its closing date. There is an application form you should download which you can access from CWDM’s website, Mr.C. Landsman (021 888 5120) and the last one is through Facebook Page.

Download the Application Form

Together with your application form, tag along those necessary certified documents like ID, academic records, household yearly income, and permanent residency. Once you gather those documents of yours, send it to Municipal Manager/Cape Winelands District Municipality/PO Box 100/Stellenbosch 7599, the attention will be for Mr. C. Landsman. To find out whether your application for this bursary/scholarship programme is successful or unsuccessful, their reply before or by December 4th 2015 is the sign. If you don’t get one, you can predict yourself that the application that you send is unsuccessful. Just in case that you receive their response, afterward you are obliged for Study Agreement contract between you and Cape Winelands District Municipality.