Latest-Available & SA Bursaries For 2017-2018 | ZA Bursaries - Latest Available & SA Bursaries from Transnet, Eskom, Sasol, Teaching, Nursing and Funza Lushaka for 2017-2018 in South Africa

Scholarship from Department Of Health Bursaries

BursariesDepartment of Health bursaries offer several type of bursaries for people in different universities. Each of those bursaries is provided to certain university in certain city. Thus lots of students wouldn’t be eligible for the set of bursaries that offered. KwaZulu-Natal bursaries for an example require students to live at KwaZulu-Natal with their parents thus

Weather Service Bursary for the Meteorology and Weather Majors

BursariesStudying in the college might be a promising thing for your future. There are so many things you can do for getting your future job to be reached. One of the best ways for you to do is by studying in the college at the major you really want. If you are considering having this

BDO Bursary Program for Students

BursariesStudying in college can be your solution in having a better future. This is because by having the study and educational background you will have your job to be easier to be reached. But, not all the students have the same ability in paying for the tuition fee. This means you can consider having the

Petra Diamonds Bursary Program

BursariesHaving the brighter and better future job is the dream for everyone. If you are a college student and you are looking for having the best chance for studying, you can find that having the bursary program will be really helpful. In this case, the bursary program can be your solution so that you can

Haw & Inglis Bursary in Engineering Majors

BursariesLooking for the best educational support for your need is really important. However, education is one of the most important things you have to provide when you are looking for the better future job. In case of finding the best way for reaching your dream job, why don’t you get the choice to improve your

Social Work Bursary Scholarship at Gauteng Department of Social Development

BursariesWorking and get the best job in your life will be really good for your career. If you are a college student and you are looking for the better future job, you are also recommended to make your life to be really good. In this case, studying in the college will not be as easy

Dept of Agricultural Forestry and Fisehries (DAFF) Bursary Programme

BursariesThere are so many things which you have to provide in your life. One of them is about how you can get your life to be better. This is important for you to make sure that your life is better by getting the job. The future job will determine whether you are good enough in

HCI Foundation Bursary Financial Aid

BursariesIf you are a student and you are looking for having the best solution in getting the financial issues to be solved, you can get so many choices for your need. There are so many programs which are available for the college students who are looking for the best way in getting the financial aid.

Media24 Bursay for Broadcasting and Journalism Majors

BursariesIf you are a student and you want to get more experiences in your life, you better choose the best thing which will be good for your need. In this case, you can choose the best thing which will be attractive and advantageous for you to choose. When you are dealing with the study, you

PPS Bursary Financial Aid for Education

BursariesNeed for education is something that applies for everyone in this world. PPS Bursary is an aid that would be available for any university student in some university that participated in South African University or University of Technology. Students that would be eligible for this aid should be someone that registered for post-graduate degree. Students

Department Social Development (DSD) Bursary

BursariesGetting your dream work is what you are looking for. There are so many things which will be so much attractive for you. When you are looking for having the best design for your need, you can make sure that you will find the job to be perfectly like what you want. As you can

Bursary Program at Cape Winelands District Municipality

BursariesStudying in college is a particular thing you have to get if you want to make your life to be more fun. This is because by having the college education you will find that you can get the dream job you want. The dream job which will be gotten can be really suitable with your

Bursary Program for Anglogold Ashanti

BursariesStudying in a college is actually a good chance for everyone to get better future. There are so many people who are looking for the best experience in getting the college study. If you are looking for having the best experience, you can make sure that you will have the financial aid. This is because

NAC Arts Bursary for College Students

BursariesStudying in the further degree is really important for being considered. Having higher education degree is actually good for you to get more chances for getting the job you want. Studying in the major you want is really recommended because you will have your interest to be fulfilled. You can also find that knowing the

Get the Chance of Nestle Bursary Programme

BursariesGetting the dream future job is really important for you to consider. If you are looking for having the best future job which suits you the best, you can find that having the great educational degree is recommended. But, you have to also consider the financial needs you have to provide and prepare for your

Applying South Africa Civil Engineering Bursaries

BursariesConsider bursary to finance your study is worth trying. Furthermore, relying on the major that you take, finding the one that suits you, it is not that difficult as there plenty of them from various sectors either government, private, or international donation. Civil engineering bursaries are some from others various bursaries to apply. Likewise any

Get Bursaries for Teaching in South Africa

BursariesWise people say, “They can take anything for you, but not your education”. Somehow, you can think it is as a truth. Education is great way to enhance human life. So, if you want to, but dealing with financial issue, there will be always the way. Bursaries for teaching are kind of bursaries you can

Apply for Anglo American Bursaries

BursariesAttending to the next level of education world like tertiary, it cots you plenty and for certain level it could be very nerve wrecking. However, it is not necessary that way. In case, that you can’t afford to finance it yourself, then bursary like Anglo American bursaries is a great option, for instance. Even so,

Sources for Student Loans South Africa

BursariesDecide to continue your study into tertiary institutions, surely, you gain so many benefits. If it is not about to find better job or good income, then, it becomes personal enrichment. Nevertheless, it costs you so much to taste its flavor. At first, you may think so, but thanks to student loans South Africa that

Schauenburg Bursary Programme for Best Students

BursariesThere are so many things which should be considered when you are reaching for your future dream job. In this case, the college study can be really helpful for you. There might be so many things which will be suitable for you. When you are looking for best things to support your study in college

BDO Bursary Scholarship Programme

BursariesWho doesn’t know about BDO Johannesburg? It is a regional association of accounting firms with over 60 partners and consultants, 610 staffs operating from 12 offices throughout Southern Africa. It is definitely one of biggest company in South Africa, right? Now, BDO is now open BDO Bursary Programme 2016 for you those who meet with

Nursing Learnership for Mpumalanga Citizens

LearnershipsBeing a successful person is a dream of everyone who gets their life in the need of getting the best life experience. There are so many things which should be considered when you are looking for better future for your life. One thing you have to provide to yourself is actually about the educational degree

GDID Bursary Scholarship for Brightest Students

BursariesStudying in college can be a good thing to consider. There are so many chances opened if you are looking forward for better future by studying in college. When you are looking for having the best way to get your college study to be more promising, you are recommended to have the bursary which will

Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary Chance for Students

BursariesStudying in the college might be the dream for everyone. There are so many things you have to provide when you are looking for having the best things for your need. In some cases, it is better for you to get the best program which will help you in improving your experience and skills. If

Social Work Bursaries in South Africa

BursariesBursary opportunities, for you to know, comes in several forms depend only on what major you take, though, the essence remains the same, to finance your tertiary study. If you are a student of social work, under that circumstance, you can apply for social work bursaries which are designed only for you, social work students.

Writing Motivational Letter for Bursary

BursariesBursary is financial assistance which is meant to assist students who are excel in their study but in need of financial support. A bursary program is usually given by some different institutions like universities, companies, government organizations, and many others. Naturally, when applying for a bursary program, you need to write a motivational letter for

4 Top-rated University in South Africa to Enroll

BursariesWhen it comes to Bursaries South Africa, undoubtedly, you’ll find many of selections of university to enroll. In that case, you may a bit confuse about the options as you expect only the best. Fear not, some information herein about university in South Africa will help you somehow to decide which one of them that

Applying with Funza Lushaka Bursary Application Form

BursariesFirst thing first, Funza Lushaka Bursary is your golden ticket to pursue your dream of being a teacher, no matter the financial crisis has made you like giving up. However, you can’t grab it right away without any method. Funza Lushaka Bursary application form is the thing you must know if you want to get

Successfully Apply for Social Work Bursary

BursariesYou love people and helping others. You are passionate about empowering everyone around you and triggered to make everything better. If you are really that person, the career within the category of social work may best suit you. Through Social Work Bursary, The National Department of Social Development realized that you may have the greatest

Apply Funza Lushaka Bursary

BursariesFinancial problem must not be a barrier for everyone to pursue education. If you are one among numbers of students who find difficulties in continuing education due to lack of money, Funza Lushaka Bursary can be your ultimate solution. It is a multi-year program about teaching in public schools. The program is designed to help

Sasol Bursaries for Science Geek

BursariesThose who want to contribute in making new energy resource or enhance energy choice by applying in universities or other choice of high education can use Sasol Bursaries. Sasol contribute to the country by creating development in technologies and commercialize it. Los of facilities are built to operate in producing fuels and electricity. Effort in

Apply Eskom Bursaries Free Funding

BursariesYou would know about Eskom Bursaries if you have electricity and television in your house. The knowledge bout his bursaries would be easy to find since they produce the largest amount of electricity for Africa. Lots of bursary type is offered to people in South Africa. Similar with other bursary choices people would need to

Transnet Bursaries with Guaranteed Work

BursariesTransnet provide a working field in transportation industry. Transnet Bursaries are available for people who like the idea of working with transportation engineering and lots of other things that related to transportation needs. This company intended to be a reliable helper for those in need of education by offering bursaries for those who qualified for

Mercedes Benz Bursary Scholarship 2017 – 2018

BursariesGrab your chance to win Mercedes Benz bursary scholarship program, suitable students not only get chance for financial support, but also experiential training that will help them in many ways to have better chance to pursue their future career. In details, when you are becoming their successful bursars, you will have privilege to, (1) gain

Potato Industry Bursary Program

BursariesRegularly Potato bursary offers bursary opportunity for under graduate, post graduate and diploma who aim to complete qualification in agriculture field of study from higher institution in South Africa. However, this time the chance is given only to post graduate applicants who are studying toward the previous mentioned field of study. However only applicants who

Dwarsrivier Mine Artisan Learnership Program

LearnershipsYouth of South Africans with interest to obtain qualification to function as mine artisan, Dwarsrivier invites  them to participate in their latest Dwarsrivier mine artisan learnership that is split into several subcategories, diesel mechanic, boilermaker, fitter, electrician, and draughtsman. Now, the requirements to apply the learnership program are depending upon what kind of learnership program

Pyrotec Bursary Programme

BursariesAs their contribution to assist talented youth of South Africans to have bright future through education, Pyrotec bursary programme is now available to award qualified students who intend to continue their tertiary education in DTP/graphic design, psychology, finance, sales, marketing, mechanical/electrical engineering and industrial engineering. When applying for the bursary programme applicants have to provide;

South Deep Education Trust Bursary Programme

BursariesAcademically talented students who reside in Westonaria have chance to obtain latest South Deep Education Trust bursary programme that is specially designed for talented youth of Westonaria who are in need of financial aid. The bursary programme itself is given by Gold Field Limited which has huge contribution in providing bursary and scholarship programme, training

Aurecon Learnership, Internship and Career

Internships, Jobs and Vacancies, LearnershipsAurecon Learnership, Internship and Career is an engineering internship program that is designed to prepare talented youth of South African before they officially join engineering-related industry. Qualification from tertiary education alone is not adequate to enter the industry, and graduate internship program can cover that matter. Becoming part of engineering graduate internship at Aurecon, potential

STANLIB Bursary Programme 2017 – 2018

BursariesIn need for financial assistance to pursue your desired degree? Good news, STANLIB bursary programme is currently opened. Various bursary opportunities are given for both students with top notch academic performance and previously disadvantaged individuals who meet the bursary criteria. Students who expect to be awarded the bursary programme at STANLIB, they have to registered

Truworths Bursary Programme 2017 – 2018

BursariesA bursary program really is a great help for students to obtain equal right for education. Higher education is essential to make a bright future, however, it is not something cheap. Even students with excellent academic records have no chance for further education if they have no capability to finance their tertiary education. Nevertheless, are

Govan Local Municipality Graduate Internship

InternshipsGovan Local Municipality in partnership with Rand Water offer graduate internship programme to any talented applicants who meet the internship requirements. Nevertheless, the programme itself will last for about 3 years, and it is only available for applicants who hold these follow qualifications; (1) BTech/BSc/BEng in electrical engineering,, (2) BTech/BSc/BEng in mechanical engineering,,

Gauteng Dept Of Health Bursary Scholarship Programme

BursariesMaking sure its residents who possess great academic talents have no difficulties to attend tertiary education for better future, Gauteng government designs a bursary scholarship programme, and this time it is coming from Gauteng depth of health. Nevertheless, those who can apply the bursary scholarship opportunity are;(1) applicants with grade 12 qualification, (2) citizen of

Group Five Bursaries Opportunity

BursariesTalented students with huge interest toward construction sector and intend to study construction management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and more, they have huge chance to join Group Five bursaries program. This is a bursary opportunity that is designed not only to help its bursars to continue their tertiary education,   but also

Armscor Bursary Programme

BursariesStudents with huge interest to participate in defence industry, this is your chance to join Armscor bursary 2017 2018 & 2019programme. The bursary programme allows you to study with ease and convenient toward subjects relevant to the bursary programme. Nevertheless the requirements, therefore applicants have chance to join bursary programme at Armscor are; (1) applicants

Continental Tyre Learnership Program

LearnershipsEnhance youth of South African opportunity for their future career, Continental Tyre in collaboration with MERSETA designs  Tyre learnership program that is split into learnership program itself and skill program. The learnership program will follow the company’s EE act, which means , only particular applicants match with the company EE policy, its target and so

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Bursary Scholarship

BursariesA municipality bursary scholarship program at Buffalo City Metropolitan municipality is recently opened for 2017 academic year. So, if you are a full time student registered at recognized higher institutions in South Africa, more when you are applying one that is available in Eastern Cape, who are aiming for, (1) engineering in biochemistry, analytical chemistry,

Women Techmakers Scholarship At Google

BursariesIn order to support equal opportunity for women within technology and computing territories, Google offers suitable applicants to take part in women techmakers scholarship. The scholarship program is given for female applicants who are intending to study either undergraduate or post graduate. Successful applicants of the scholarship program they will receive for about 7000 EUR

ERM Bursary Programme 2017 – 2018

BursariesConsider yourself as dynamic and energetic young professional, grab this great opportunity to join ERM bursary programme, the bursary program allows successful bursars to work together with ERM experts throughout Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. However, the bursary programme is available only for post graduate students, additionally, they have to submit essay with approximately 3000

NW Government Bursary Scholarship 2017 – 2018

BursariesIn need for financial assistance to finance your tertiary education, bursary scholarship programme from NW government can help. There are some requirements to meet to ensure whether you are qualified or not for the bursary opportunity, they include, (1) you are 35 years old or less when applying the bursary program, (2) you are a

SASA Sugarcane Bursary Programme 2017 – 2018

BursariesVarious bursary opportunities are given to suitable candidates for post doctoral researcher and post graduates students programme, thus they can continue their education within field of studies that become part of the bursary programme. It is SASA Sugarcane bursary programme, a bursary opportunity designed by SASRI (South African Sugarcane Research Institute) which mission to provide

Friends Of Design Bursary Opportunity

BursariesAre talented youth of South African who have huge interest in graphic design and want to expand your career within this territory? Ensure that you grab the opportunity to obtain graphic design qualification bursary from Friends of Design. But, what is that? It is actually a bursary program to help potential and talented designers to

Saab Grintek Defence Bursary For Youth Of South African

BursariesSaab Grintek Defence bursary is a bursary opportunity that is given for talented youth of South African with huge interest to tackle down security challenge, and yes innovative mind is necessary. if you think that you are the one who deserve for the bursary opportunity, here are the requirements to follow, (1)  you have to

Water Purification Learnership Program At Rand Water

LearnershipsHold a huge curiosity to learn further about water purification, recent water purification learnership program at Rand Water will expose anything that you have to know about water purification. And yes due to the completion of the learnership, potential learners will obtain NQF level-2 qualification for water purification. Not stopping on the requirements that should

Motsepe Foundation Bursaries 2017 – 2018

BursariesStudents with promising academic result and look for some ways to complete their higher education without so much tension, grab the benefits of becoming successful bursars of Motsepe Foundation bursaries as the bursary will support its applicants financially. Motsepe Foundation has huge contribution not only in scheming bursary program, but in many philanthropic projects like

SA Weather Service Bursary Scholarship

BursariesExciting bursary scholarship program is designed by SA Weather Service for talented youth of South Africa. Want to be part of SA Weather Service bursary Scholarship program, applicants should hold huge interest toward, climatology, atmospheric science, air quality, agrometeorlogy, oceanography, and meteorology. To put it simply, if you want to be qualified for the bursary

SAPPI Bursary Programme

BursariesStudents who are in need of financial support to continue their tertiary education, SAPPI bursary programme is there for you to help. The bursary programme from SAPPI is opened per year. Now, if you are students who aim to complete undergraduate in BSc for mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and forestry/National Diploma in forestry,

ADT Learnership Programme

LearnershipsYouth of South African who have huge interest in technical career, ADT offers you exciting ADT learnership programme to shape your skill to the next level. It is a technical learnership programme for 12 months, dedicated for applicants who, (1) hold either N3 or matric qualification, (2) especially for matric graduates (grade 12), you have

Engineering Bursary Opportunity From Stefanutti Stocks

BursariesA bursary opportunity can ease talented students with extraordinary academic record to have better chance to level up their education to tertiary institution. Good news for bursary seekers, Stefanutti Stocks schemed their latest engineering bursary opportunity. Not only the bursary program that is provided by Stefanutti  Stocks, but also vacation work employment that brings good

Solomon Mahlangu Bursary Scholarship Fund

BursariesThe nature of a scholarship is to provide financial aid for students who are not only financially in need, but also for those who display promising academic result. Looking around for 2017, 2018 & 2019 scholarship program, Solomon Mahlangu bursary scholarship fund will make you can study your preference qualification with ease and convenient. Unfortunately,

Digby Wells Environmental Bursary Program

BursariesExciting Digby Wells environment bursary invites both undergraduate and post graduate students to take benefits from the bursary opportunity. The said bursary program will reward its bursars with tuition fees, book allowance, and a laptop. Bursars who perform extraordinary performance, they have chance to win paid vacation employment, continuous mentorship, on-site experience, and practical training,

ANDM Bursary Application

BursariesANDM bursary application is an external bursary for qualified students to assist them to continue their tertiary education for better future. Interested applicant, they can apply for the bursary opportunity only if; (1) you are staying under Alfred Nzo  jurisdiction, (2) you are around 16 to 35 years old, (3) you hold excellent academic record

RCL Foods Bursary Programme

BursariesChance to continue your education with convenient and ease, is offered to you by RCL Foods. That’s right, RCL Foods is recently announced their latest bursary programme to support youth with potential in South Africa to have easy access to complete their tertiary qualification. Unfortunately, RCL Foods bursary programme is not for any field of

Mpumlanga Dept Of Education Bursary Programme

BursariesAim for financial support, Mpumalanga bursary programme from Mpumalanga Dept of Education invites Mpumalanga students to become part of their bursary programme. The chance is given for students who put huge interest toward rare skill. Now, students who intend to pursue; (1) bachelor of education undergraduate majoring in technology & vocational, senior phase to FET

SACEMA External Bursaries

BursariesThe SACEMA external bursaries are given to qualified students who intend to expand their education either to PhD or MSc degree within South Africa. Not to mention, to be qualified for the external bursaries, applicants should pursue field of study specialized in biostatistics and epidemiological modeling. In addition, those who have interdisciplinary experience, you are

Samancor Bursary Scholarship Program

BursariesA bursary scholarship is an opportunity for talented students with huge potential to continue their education with less hassle as their financial need is covered. Looking for a bursary scholarship opportunity, Samancor bursary scholarship is what you need as your bridge to build a bright future. So, who can apply for the aforesaid bursary scholarship?

NW Dept Of Health Graduate Internship Program

InternshipsNW Dept of Health graduate internship programme provides chance for both TVET students and University students to sharpen their skill within territory that meet their qualification. The graduate internship opportunity, however, is designed only for applicants who are around 18 to 35 years with no prior experience for the learnership. Therefore, if you are above

HCI Foundation Bursary Program For Youth South African

BursariesFinancial assistance is available from HCI Foundation through their recent bursary program that is destined for applicants who are both coming from destitute family background and academically excellent. HCI Foundation bursary will provide the bursary for those that pursue either honours or undergraduate qualification majoring in various field of studies from university of technology or

Engineering Bursary Scholarship Program At Rheinmettal Denel Munition

Internships, Jobs and VacanciesConsider yourself as young scientists or excellent students with top performance who are so passionate toward engineering area, engineering bursary scholarship from Rheinmettal Denel Munition will expand your horizon as you have chance to continue your education within this field of study. But that is not the only thing for the reason potential bursars have

Sales Learnership Programme From SAB Miller

LearnershipsQualified applicants who expect to obtain national qualification in marketing (NQF level 5), sales learnership programme from SAB Miller is what you need. Nevertheless, make sure that you can afford to meet the learnership program requirements that request you to gain minimum 120 credits, thence you can complete the sales learnership to win NQF level

The City Of Cape Town Bursary Program

BursariesThe city of Cape Town bursary program is given to talented students registered at recognized SA tertiary institutions who pursue qualifications in diploma, post graduates, and undergraduate degrees in particular field of studies which are considered as scarce field by the city of Cape Town. The goal of the bursary program is that to supply

Engineering Bursary Scholarship Program From De Beers Group

BursariesRecent engineering bursary scholarship is designed by De Beers Group for talented applicants who is now in second year and registered students either at university of technology or university. Not to mention, the chance for the bursary scholarship is given to students who are in the midst of completing; mining engineering, chemical engineering/metallurgy, electrical engineering

Investec Bursary Scholarship Programme For South Africa

BursariesAre you aiming to have qualification in IT and in need of financial assistance? Investec bursary scholarship programme is what you need. That said investec scholarship opportunity is designed for students either Honours or Undergraduates, therefore, they meet with no hassle related to financial issue for the reason that Investec already cover it up. However,

Foschini Fashion Bursaries Of South African

BursariesRecent bursary is available at Foschini Group for talented youth of South African who want to learn fashion. Foschini fashion bursaries invite qualified students to spend a three year degree in fashion at famous fashion institution in South Africa, FEDISA. That said, a typical bursary like this one is somehow scarce, thus students who aim

Pharmacy Bursary Scholarship At Clicks

BursariesIf you are qualified applicants who have plan to complete BPharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from accredited SA university and look for bursary scholarship to finance your study, you have to consider recent pharmacy bursary scholarship program from Clicks. Surely, to be able to apply the bursary scholarship opportunity that is available at Clicks,

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Bursary Program

BursariesLooking for bursary opportunity, therefore you can continue your tertiary education in ease, you have your chance. Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality bursary recently is opened for talented students with sound academic record. Any applicants who meet the requirements for the bursary opportunity, they need first to get themselves bursary form of Ekurhuleni Community that is accessible

Shoprite Bursary Scholarship

BursariesShoprite bursary scholarship offers financial assistance for talented student with sound academic result, therefore they can spend their tertiary education less hassle. Different bursaries are available for youth of South Africa including, hospitality/business bursary scholarship that is designed for applicants with average 70% and above alongside with grade 12, or those who hold national diploma

JSE Bursary Scholarship Program

BursariesStudents who are in need of financial aid to continue their tertiary education,rest assured, JSE offers JSE bursary scholarship for qualified students who pursue these following disciplines; economic or mathematical science, financial sciences, information technology, computer science, accounting, and commerce. Another requirements students should know, therefore they effortlessly can win the bursary is that they

Trudor Bursary Program

Jobs and Vacancies, LearnershipsAccelerate your chance to build your career through Trudon bursary scholarship opportunity. Nevertheless, Trudon will focus their bursary scholarship on qualified students who are now in their second or third year. Come and join the bursary scholarship if you are; (1) permanent resident of South African, (2) exemption certificate of grade 12 alongside with Maths,

Dept Of Correctional Services Learnerships Vacancies

Jobs and Vacancies, LearnershipsVarious of positions are offered for recent learnership vacancies programme that is schemed by Dept of Correctional Services that include; human resource management, sports management, education, agriculture, artisan, arts, information technology, legal service, journalism, finance, supply chain management, employee relations, communication, finance, food service management (nutrition), correctional service management, spiritual care, criminology, policy development ,

Gibela Bursary Scholarship Program

BursariesGibela bursary scholarship program invites talented Universities, Universities of Technology and TVET institution to be part of their bursary scholarship opportunity. But, here are basic requirements you should follow; (1) you are youth of South Africa who are in need of financial aid, (2) you have excellent academic record. Further requirements, however, depends on the

Nestle Bursary Application For Youth Of South African

BursariesStudents with potential can apply Nestle bursary application to supply them with financial aid, thence they can continue their education with ease and convenient. Nevertheless, the main goal of this bursary program is that to have skillful young generation available for the investment to join them in the future. The chance for the bursary is

Mpumalanga Provincial Government Bursary Program

BursariesMpumalanga Provincial Government bursary opportunity is currently opened to assisted students with great talent to continue their study. The bursary opportunity, however, is designed for students from destitute family background and live in remote rural communities within the province category. In addition, people with disabilities and female applicant who meet the requirements, they have chance

Nurse Training Learnership Programme at Mpumalanga Department Of Health

LearnershipsChance for applicants who expect to join nurse training learnership programme is recently available from Mpumalanga department of health. However, applicants should be registered for a-four-year diploma majoring in nursing that covers; psychiatry, general, and community. Within the year of the study, suitable students will receive monthly allowance, in addition, any applicants will not be

NSFAS Bursary Application are Open

BursariesGood news for talented students that aim to get financial aid through bursary as NSFAS bursary application is recently opened. The application for the bursary itself is started from August 1st to its closing date on November 30th. And that chance is designed only for new students who will start their academic year on 2017

Youth Drive Development Program at Road Accident Fund

BursariesWant to be part of youth driver development at Road Accident Fund program? For talented youth who has interest in public  transport and freight industry, the chance is recently opened and is designed by Road Accident Fund in collaboration with South African Youth Council, National Youth Development Agency and more. The requirements to apply this

NPC Internship Learnership Career Program

Internships, LearnershipsVarious NPC internship learnership career program opportunities are recently opened for talented youth of South African. As potential interns will gain benefit from permanent contract with NPC, the graduate internship program will take its concern to give proper arsenal for them, so then they can do their function properly. Nevertheless, interested applicants should ; (1)

P&G Internship Learnership Career

Internships, LearnershipsRecent internship learnership carer programme from P&G invites suitable applicants to join them for skill development, not to mention that graduate internship programme is essential, thence applicants get in-depth understanding toward certain area. The chance for the graduate internship basically is available for applicants with different qualification backgrounds, even so, (1) you have to prove

Space Planner Program From DotActiv

Jobs and VacanciesWant to considered as DotActiv trainee space planner? The chance to join the opportunity is already opened for applicants who have a huge interest in retail industry. However, huge interest is not enough for the criteria that you should meet,which are; (1) excellent result for matric including maths and English, (2) skill to build good

Illovo Sugar Bursary Program

BursariesTo support talented students to pursue their future career, Illovo Sugar schemes a bursary program for students who take their major in, instrument engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. Interested to join Illovo Sugar bursary program, pay attention to these requirements; (1) you are a final year student with excellent grade in English,

Chieta Bursary Program

BursariesBursary program is the best program to increase the knowledge about working experience. This program is similar with traineeship program. This program is also has many benefits. One of the benefits of this program is you will meets with the professionals trainers to share the lessons for you. This article will give you some information

Scholarship Program from Aurecon

BursariesTo you who is searching about some free study opportunities. You must be feel glad, because of Aurecon is giving many of scholarship program for clever students. This program is very exciting. You will get valuable lesson with no more money. One more thing, you will meet with professional lecturers. They will teach you to

Public Protector Investigator Traineeship Learnership Program

Internships, LearnershipsApplicants who look forward to Public Protector Investigator traineeship learnership, the chance is recently opened which requirements, (1) applicants should have LLB degree or equivalent qualification, and (2) applicants should be around 18 to 35 years old. Successful trainees during the traineeship program will; (1) contribute in complaints’ investigation, (2) be present to deal with

Harmony Bursary Scholarship Program

BursariesBursary is great help for students who look for alternative to continue their education as they have great potential. Talented youth of South African who expect to attain a bursary scholarship program, Harmony bursary scholarship is probably what you need as your stepping stone to experience better education for bright future.Obviously, to be considered for

Harmony Bursary Programme

BursariesStudents with excellent academic record, however, have problem to finance their education, Harmony bursary programme is your solution. Harmony bursary opportunity offer students either from first year or third year students who are registered at recognized South African higher institution. As a matter of fact, the bursary is designed for various field of studies, but

NFVF National Film Video Foundation Bursary Programme

BursariesStudents with potential that aim to study Film and TV disciplines, a NFVF bursary programme is worth applying. However, you need to keep this in mind, the bursary will not include either Acting or Live Performance programmes. Surely, to catch global challenge, if it is necessary, as the chosen major is not available in any

Denel Dynamic Bursary Internship Program

BursariesEither you need a bursary or internship opportunity, you can grab one of them through Denel Dynamics bursary internship program as Denel Dynamic offers both bursary and internship programs for suitable applicants. Nevertheless, the bursary is designed for qualified applicants who hold huge interest toward engineering, which requirements cover; (1) your aim to continue your

Brand Design Graduate Internship Learnership Program At ETiket

Internships, LearnershipsThere is a great opportunity to join brand design graduate internship learnership at ETiket program for suitable applicants who recently graduated from recognized creative schools, universities of technology, or universities majoring in client service, art direction, copywriting, or design. Potential interns will have chance to spend eight month to expand their knowledge to enter the

SANBS Traineeship Opportunities

Jobs and VacanciesChance to apply SANBS traineeship opportunities, is opened for trainee technician and trainee technologist. During the traineeship, potential trainees will undergo testing function, such as, investigations for transfusion reaction (preliminary), postnatal, and more. If you apply as trainee technician, you have to hold grade 12 alongside maths that is completed with one science subject, or

Join Pharmacy Assistance Learnership

LearnershipsIt said that joining recent pharmacy assistance learnership, you have two benefits, (1) you will gain the qualification due to the completion of the learnership program, and (2) you will have experience as pharmacist assistant. Do you want to be part of it? Meet first the requirements of the learnership opportunity, (1) possession of matric