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P&G Internship Learnership Career

Internships, LearnershipsRecent internship learnership carer programme from P&G invites suitable applicants to join them for skill development, not to mention that graduate internship programme is essential, thence applicants get in-depth understanding toward certain area. The chance for the graduate internship basically is available for applicants with different qualification backgrounds, even so, (1) you have to prove

Space Planner Program From DotActiv

Jobs and VacanciesWant to considered as DotActiv trainee space planner? The chance to join the opportunity is already opened for applicants who have a huge interest in retail industry. However, huge interest is not enough for the criteria that you should meet,which are; (1) excellent result for matric including maths and English, (2) skill to build good

Illovo Sugar Bursary Program

BursariesTo support talented students to pursue their future career, Illovo Sugar schemes a bursary program for students who take their major in, instrument engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. Interested to join Illovo Sugar bursary program, pay attention to these requirements; (1) you are a final year student with excellent grade in English,

Chieta Bursary Program

BursariesBursary program is the best program to increase the knowledge about working experience. This program is similar with traineeship program. This program is also has many benefits. One of the benefits of this program is you will meets with the professionals trainers to share the lessons for you. This article will give you some information

Scholarship Program from Aurecon

BursariesTo you who is searching about some free study opportunities. You must be feel glad, because of Aurecon is giving many of scholarship program for clever students. This program is very exciting. You will get valuable lesson with no more money. One more thing, you will meet with professional lecturers. They will teach you to

Public Protector Investigator Traineeship Learnership Program

Internships, LearnershipsApplicants who look forward to Public Protector Investigator traineeship learnership, the chance is recently opened which requirements, (1) applicants should have LLB degree or equivalent qualification, and (2) applicants should be around 18 to 35 years old. Successful trainees during the traineeship program will; (1) contribute in complaints’ investigation, (2) be present to deal with

Harmony Bursary Scholarship Program

BursariesBursary is great help for students who look for alternative to continue their education as they have great potential. Talented youth of South African who expect to attain a bursary scholarship program, Harmony bursary scholarship is probably what you need as your stepping stone to experience better education for bright future.Obviously, to be considered for

Harmony Bursary Programme

BursariesStudents with excellent academic record, however, have problem to finance their education, Harmony bursary programme is your solution. Harmony bursary opportunity offer students either from first year or third year students who are registered at recognized South African higher institution. As a matter of fact, the bursary is designed for various field of studies, but

NFVF National Film Video Foundation Bursary Programme

BursariesStudents with potential that aim to study Film and TV disciplines, a NFVF bursary programme is worth applying. However, you need to keep this in mind, the bursary will not include either Acting or Live Performance programmes. Surely, to catch global challenge, if it is necessary, as the chosen major is not available in any

Denel Dynamic Bursary Internship Program

BursariesEither you need a bursary or internship opportunity, you can grab one of them through Denel Dynamics bursary internship program as Denel Dynamic offers both bursary and internship programs for suitable applicants. Nevertheless, the bursary is designed for qualified applicants who hold huge interest toward engineering, which requirements cover; (1) your aim to continue your